The Return of “Strictly Kill”

Nice, nice, nice. Nice!!! The venue was Benji & Jakes. If you’re in Sullivan county NY, you need to check this place out. We will be back. so don’t forget to sign up on the mailing list….!

The show was a complete success! What that means is:

Biz wise, we played great, were on time and professional, and made a good impression.

Gear wise, everything worked. My rig threatened to crap out right at the very beginning, but once I got it going it never failed. Adds to our professionalism, and helps with my “sanity clause” (i.e. when my gear doesn’t work, I go nuts).

Performance wise, we played from 8:40 till 1 am (!). THIS is what it means to be a real working band. Everybody there dug the band – especially the owners! We really earned our bread last night.

Musically – not everything was perfect, but it was a great opportunity to see which tunes worked in that context, and which didn’t. Some not so great decisions about what to play next on my part, but I really started to get a sense of how to structure the sets. Of course, the best way to find out is to be doing this all the time. As I said, everybody dug the band, so it didn’t feel forced or difficult even when playing tunes we had hardly rehearsed.


I used to play with Mad Mike Cullens. He was a hell of a drummer (still is). Our motto then was: Strictly Kill. Let it be known: Strictly Kill is BACK, BIG TIME.

We love YOU! See you on stage…

– the NAIL

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