Here are the videos from our June 2nd performance in Montgomery NY. Audio is just what the camera picked up.

Tracks are in the order we performed them. All music was improvised live, or “spontaneously composed” by Steve Lawson & myself (Neil Alexander). There are 5 in all. Clips 1,2,3 & 5 are hosted on Vimeo, with track 4 being hosted on YouTube.

In order of performance:

1) “First Light”

2) (Untitled)

3) “West Meets East”

4) “A Meeting Of Minds”

– this is also available as an audio track on Steve & Lobelia’s “Live So Far” CD on BandcCamp. Here’s the embed:

5) “The Light Within”

And just for fun, I’m leaving up the archived Performance footage from This has all the between song banter, tech issues and all that other stuff that makes live performance so…exciting?

The audio isn’t stellar; but as I said Steve recorded it multitrack and our plan is to mix it and release it. Enjoy. 🙂

Steve Lawson & Neil Alexander: the complete performance on June 2nd in Montgomery NY (approx 2 hours):