Curriculum Vitae:

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Neil Alexander

Newburgh, New York USA


Professional experience: composition, performance, production, musical direction for independent acoustic and electric ensembles, dance and theater; proficient with all types of acoustic and electric keyboards, synthesizer/sampling, sound manipulating equipment and software. Extensive knowledge of M.I.D.I. and music software; experienced audio engineer for studio recording and live sound.



2010: Orange County Arts Grant

Project: Waves across the Pond Emerging Music in the Tides of Technology.


2009: Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Mini-Grant –

Project: Neil Alexander and Nail present a 400-Year Musical Journey


2003: Arts Community Grants of Orange County / NYSCA:

Project: Community Arts For Peace Project (CAPP)


2002: Community Arts For Peace Project (CAPP)

Project: Premier of “Newburgh: An Urban Romance”


1987: Meet The Composer

Project: Sandra Stratton and Soundance


Notable Performances:


San Pedro, CA; New York NY, Beacon NY: “100 Years Of Spring” – Solo piano performance series celebrating the 100th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s “Le Scre Du Printemps” (The Rite Of Spring) in both traditional and non-traditional performance spaces (i.e. Farm Markets etc.). Program included additional works by Gershwin, Bartok, N. Alexander, Jazz Standards & Improvisations.



Harrisburg/Lancaster/Philadelphia PA: “100 Years Of Spring” – Solo piano performance series celebrating the 100th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s “Le Scre Du Printemps” (The Rite Of Spring) in both traditional and non-traditional performance spaces (i.e. Farm Markets etc.). Program included additional works by Gershwin, Bartok, N. Alexander, Jazz Standards & Improvisations.


New York, NY: MOOGFEST 2007 – Neil Alexander & NAIL featured Performer with Adam Holzman, Thomas Dolby, Gershon Kingsly, Herb Deutsch, Jordan Rudess, Spiraling, Xenovibes, etc.

Huntington, NY: 75th Birthday Celebration of life and music of Herb Deutsch (composer, educator). Co-organizer; Leader of house band (NAIL). Inter Media Arts Center Theater Huntington NY


Woodstock, NY: CD Release-Neil Alexander & NAIL “Tugging At The Infinite” at Bearsville Theater


Beacon NY: Premier of personal transcription of Le Sacre Du Printemps for Solo Piano  Howland Cultural Center


Nyack, NY: CD Release-Neil Alexander “Alone At Last”.


Purchase, NY: “Le Sacre du Printemps” for 2 pianos with Pianist Roberto Pace-

Purchase Dance Corps’ production of Paul Taylor’s “The Rehearsal.”


Montreal, Canada International Festival of Mime with the Adaptors Movement Theater Co-composer, musical director, conductor and sound design.

New York, NY: Lincoln Center Jazz Series Out-of-Doors-Gunther Hampel Quartet.


New York, NY: “Le Sacre du Printemps” for 2 pianos with Brad Kaus – NYU


Brooklyn, NY: Guest performer at faculty concertBrooklyn Conservatory of Music




1978 – Present:

Compositions for dance, theater, sound design, and music performance leading to the creation of over 250 works for small ensembles (1 – 10 members) and/or electronic performance in the following styles:

20th Century Classical, Minimalist, Ambient, Electronica, Musique Concrete, Jazz, Rock, Progressive Rock, Pop, Funk


1973 – Present:

All music styles and contexts: solo, duo, trio, small group, chamber, piano duo, electronics, jazz, big band, musical theater pit, dance ensemble and solo accompaniment, singer/songwriter, clinic, master class, etc.



2006 – present: Live electronic musical score for silent film: Aleta: Queen Of Mars, Noseferatu, Phantom of the Opera.


2004 – present: “NAILgun” Electronica Project-Solo performances built around laptop computer generated music i.e. loop, sample and radical audio manipulation.


2002 – present:

Own transcription of Stravinsky’s “Rite Of Spring” for solo piano

Performance often includes lecture on the structure, history and sources of the work.

Works by Bartok, Ives, Gershwin, and Cage prepared piano. etc.


1977 – present:

Acoustic and/or electronic, free improvisation, jazz standard repertoire, modern classical, avant-garde.


Group Leader/Co Leader

2013 – Present

Mr. Gone – Repertory Ensemble focusing on electric jazz circa 1969 – 1987, especially groove based work of Weather Report & Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters & Mwandishi bands. Live performances and Educational work.

Le Jazz Electronique – Keyboard/Saxophone duo combining jazz history and repertoire with cutting edge music technology; educational programs demonstrating the influence on Jazz of modern musical styles like Hip-Hop, funk, Classical etc.

2007 – Present

Red Slider – Improvisational duo with drummer Ray Levier focusing on drum ‘n’ bass, electronica, funk and ambient

1997 – 2011:

Neil Alexander & NAIL– 3-5 piece experimental electric jazz group playing primarily Neil’s compositions. Extensive use of sample sound effects, live MIDI control of synthesizers, custom programming etc. Composed, arranged, and conducted a variety of original material and jazz standard repertoire. Released three self produced CDs. International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE); Chamber Music America (CMA).

2000 – 2007:

Inner Music Ensemble-Live ambient music ensemble of primarily improvised music; Instrumentation includes synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars, loops, kit drum, traditional/tribal/electronic percussion, sound effects, and manipulative audio devices. Festival and private performance. Self Produced CD “One” release in 2002.

1987 – present:

Neil Alexander (trio/quartet/quintet)-small group focus on standard jazz repertoire and Neil’s Compositions in both Acoustic and Electric settings.

1978-1981; 1986-1994

A. Animal – Power trio performing progressive Rock music composed by group members, as well as compositions by John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, Jan Hammer, Bill Bruford, Robert Fripp, Led Zepplin, etc. CD “Overhaul” released 2001.

1985 – 1988:

General Disturbance-Jazz/rock/funk group playing small clubs in NY.

1982 – 1985:

Solid Juice-Soul/jazz group playing small clubs in NY. Original material and jazz standard repertoire

Group sideman

2008 – present:

Mahavishnu Project-High Energy jazz-fusion led by Drummer Gregg Bendian recreating and expanding on John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra era compositions & releases. Ongoing performances.

2007 – 2009:

MBA (Meyer/Burnham/Alexander)-Experimental trio, with Bob Meyer (drums) and Charlie Burnham (violin). Free jazz, improvised serial music, ambient and electronica.

1996 – 2006:

The Machine: International touring New York based Pink Floyd tribute band. Designed and set up custom keyboard layout; programmed and organized sounds; performed all keyboard parts including overdubs on original recordings and additional guitar parts (on keyboards). On site equipment troubleshooting and repair. Performed on live and studio CD’s/DVD Extensive national & international touring including moderate-large clubs, concert halls and festivals such as Bonaroo.

1983 – 1984:

Gunther Hampel “Time is Now”-Small group performances in NY City at the Knitting Factory, Lincoln Center Outdoor Jazz series, etc. synthesizers and other keyboards.


Additional groups, performances and/or recordings:

Jazz/ Improvisational/Funk

Alexander/Dziuba/Kopec/Sharp, Red Slider, Marvin Bu-ga-lu Smith Trio, Virginia Dare, Charles Haynes, Ray Levier, Bob Meyer, Tal Ross

September Project: The Heart of Jazz, Judi Silvano, George Brandon, Robert Kopec Quartet, Fred Jacobs Quartet, Big Bang Jazz Gang, Joe Gil & The Trio Of Terror, Premik & Friends (the Light Riders), Effort Mastery Ensemble,



Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane), Mick & The Maelstrom, Olive & The Branch, Big Fun, Mirror, Frank O’ The Mountain, DBR, Paul Roach & The Young Lions –Scott Weis Band


Spoken word with music/Pit band

Chainsaw Bear (composed; engineered & produced recording)

Howard Killik / Linda Ducci (musical theater music direction and choreography)


Guest Performer with School groups:

Bergan Youth Jazz Ensemble; Goshen Middle School Jazz Band; Rockland Youth Jazz Ensemble




Self Produced and/or As Leader

1987:              Neil Alexander: Alexander’s Imbalance (produced/engineered)

1990:              A. Animal: Overhaul (co- produced)

1996:              Neil Alexander: Alone At Last (produced/engineered)

1999:              NAIL: Bent (produced)

2000:              Inner Music Ensemble: ONE (produced/engineered)

2002:              Alexander/Dziuba/Kopec/Sharp: Insert Jazz Here (produced)

2003:              NAIL: Galvanized (produced)

2004:              N. Alexander: Newburgh–An Urban Romance/4 Noctrnes (produced)

2006:              Logical Oscillator: Downelectro (produced/engineered)

2007:              Neil Alexander & NAIL: Tugging At The Infinite (produced)

2008:           MBA: Planetarium Music (The Montrose Sessions) (produced/engineered)

2012:           Darn That Dream: Solo Piano Vol. 1 (recorded/produced/engineered)


Additional Titles

1986:              Tal Ross: a.k.a. Detrimental Vasoline/Giant Shirley

1995:              Mirror: Reflections

1995:              The Best of Virginia Dare: Quail’s Eggs And Caviar

1996:              4Front: Gravity

1997:              Frank ‘O the Mountain: Radioactive Squid Pizza

1997:              The Machine: Live In NY

1998:              The Machine: Softly Spoken Magic Spells

2001:              The Machine: Where We Came In

2002:              Chainsaw Bear: Stories from the Hudson (produced/engineered)

2002:              The Machine: Till We Meet Again

2005:              Paul Roach and the Young Lions:

2006:              The Machine: Unplugged

2010:              Steve Lawson/Neil Alexander: Hidden Windows

2011:              Legoland Empire: Guard The Point

2013:              Legoland Empire: Solar Particles



Dance and Theater:


1982 – Present:

Composer/accompanist-multiple works focusing on live performance in all styles and techniques, utilizing piano, percussion, synthesizers, computers, etc.


Jonathan Reidel & Dancers (Jon Riedel, dir.) Rehearsed & Performed self transcribed solo piano version of “Sacre Du Printemps” with dancers; performed at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance and in NYC.

2004 – 2009:

Lane & Co. (Lane Gifford, dir.) Composition, arrangement and performance for various productions and performances include NY Fringe Festival


SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance-Paul Taylor’s “Le Sacre Du Printemps” (“The Rehearsal”) with Purchase Dance Corps. Composition and performance for BFA, MFA student projects. Organize and produce dep’t. musician’s concert.


Centerfield Productions-Music director for “Comfortably Numb”, theatrical production based on “The Wall” by Pink Floyd. Rehearsed musicians and actors. Conducted arranged and performed 2nd Keys in Pit Orchestra. Performances at SUNY Binghamton, Suffern NY, Bristol PA

1983 – 1986:

Kaleidoscope Dance Company- Touring internationally; Grades 1- 8 children’s program.

Adaptors Movement Theater-Touring internationally avant-garde mime company. Co–composed (with Saxophonist Charles Haynes) 2 Off-Broadway shows. Musical Director and Keyboardist with live band. Created and operated extensive sound effect library. Engineered Live sound system (including Lavilier microphones and video feeds) from stage

1982 – present:

Dance accompanist for-Lenore Lattimer; Sarah Stackhouse; Donald Byrd; Majorie Pierces; Laura Brittian; Cindy Scarborough; Joy Kellerman; Laura Housman; Lenny Williams; Jim Moore; Judy Schwartz; Sara Hauser; Kevin Wynn; Larry Clark; Roseanna Seravali; Gayle Young; Bert Terborgh; Stephanie Tooman; Ted Kivit; Alaine Haubert; Martine Van Hammel; Pascal Riouelt; Richard Cook; Meta Spaniardi; Megan Williams; etc.


Dance accompanist at-Clarke Center; New York University; Joy Of Movement; Broadway Rhythm; Kaatsbaan International Dance Center; Sarah Lawrence College; Marymount College; Manhattanville College; Hunter College; Vassar College; Jose Limon Company; Donald Byrd Company; SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance.


Composition for Choreographers

2013                           Molly Posterl (SUNY Faculty)

2012                           Larry Clark (SUNY Faculty)

2011                           Kevin Wynn (SUNY Faculty)

2009                           Phina Pippia (SUNY BFA Student)

2008                           Larry Clark (SUNY Faculty), Lane Gifford, Cori Kresgi ( SUNY BFA Student)

2007                           Kevin Wynn (SUNY Faculty)

2006                           Lindsey Fitzmorris (SUNY BFA Student)

2005                           Kate Scott (SUNY BFA Student)

2004-2009               Lane Gifford

1993                           Simona Cipriani (SUNY BFA Student)

1984 – 1986             Sandra Stratton / Soundance (Composer in Residence)

1983 – 1987             Adaptors Movement Theater (Tony Brown/Kari Margolis)

1984 – 1985             Allison Jolly

1982                           Wendy Garton




Thelonius Monk Institute: created curriculum and taught 4 hour course in history and current performances practices of Jazz Fusion. Topics included musical analysis, composition, transcription and perfomance.


Orange County Arts Council – Master Class in Social Media for artist promotion

2008 – 2009

Lagond Music School – Master classes & Workshops in Looping, with both hardware & Software


Orange County Arts Council – taught class in fundamentals of digital audio recording.


Alto Music-Synthesizer programming clinic focusing on synthesis types and effects processing

2006 – 2012:

Hofstra University- Guest Lecturer, “History of Electronic Music” taught by Professor Herb Deutsch

1998 – Present:

Individualized Instruction-Intermediate to advanced private instruction, piano technique, jazz harmony, studio production, synthesizer programming, and music production


Series of lecture demonstrations in Music Teechnology for Performance


Purchase College Music Conservatory-Music performance technology lecture demonstration and master class focusing on performance applications and techniques of modern musical equipment, performance setups, special tricks, and combining techniques to achieve desired results.


NAMM Convention, Anaheim CA- Product demonstration for Aquila Technologies at winter NAMM.


Purchase College Music Conservatory- Lecture demonstration and master class on history, design and operation of analog synthesizers and their evolution into modern music making machines. Hands on exploration using a variety of equipment and synthesis techniques i.e. patch cord synthesis, MIDI, drum machines, etc.


Nyack High School- Lecture demonstration and master class “Joy Of Music” focusing on composition, arranging, and performance. Selected guest artists.



Concert Production


Newburgh, NY: Newburgh Bay Mashup Concert – Organized & coordinated 4 hour mini-music festival featuring 12 performers for Newburgh Free Library. Created House Band. musicians performance schedule, sound, and stage. Performed as part of house band.


Newburgh, NY: Cureated “Weird Wednesdays” , an experimental music series at the Wherehouse Restaurant. Coordinated performer schedule. Documented with audio & video.


Newburgh, NY: Neil Alexander and Nail present a 400-Year Musical Journey-

Part of The Hudson-Champlain Quadricentennial celebration. Organized venue, program, musicians, staging, and sound. Composed and arranged music including new works. Rehearsed and conducted ensemble.


Newburgh, NY: Newburgh Summer Arts Festival Concert Series- Produced 3 Newburgh Arts & Cultural Association concerts. Organized budget, musicians performance schedule, sound, and stage. Performed in 2 engineered sound for one.

1996 – present:

Purchase, NY: Created “Conservatory of Dance Semi Annual Musician’s Concert, a performance by the musicians of the SUNY Purchase Conservatory Of Dance. Coordinated performer schedules & technical details, made programs, etc.


Tappan NY: Route 303 Awareness Event-Produce all day family music festival. Organized musicians, performance schedule, sound, stage, and advertisement.


New York, NY: Cuando- Produced and performed in 3 band concert Contracted.