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Waves: The Workshop

Ah yes – Content, content, content.

So – “Waves Across The Pond”, the June 1st & 2nd events I hosted at the Wallkill River School in Montgomery NY and featured the wonderful Steve Lawson and myself was a great success from the stand point of accomplishing my goals: Bringing to the residents of Orange County NY a taste of what’s going on in the larger realm of modern independent music, music technology and social media. (If you’ve not read the initial page about the project, you should do that Here.)

As was part of my initial plan, the workshop(s) and performance were recorded on video. The Performance was also streamed, with a viewership of around 200 within the first week. ┬áIt is my intention to keep this content available, and to that end I’ve put up this nifty lil’ old page. Steve also recorded the audio, and added it to a live recording of some of the music he’s performed so far, downloadable from Bandcamp. It also features trax with the great violinist Todd Reynolds, and Lobelia. (Lobelia was slated to perform with us, but flapjack had other plans.)

So – we’ll start with the Workshop. Attendance was poor – we cut from 2 workshops (1 each) to 1 unified workshop – but our attendee was enthusiastic and asked a lot of interesting questions. For time (& upload ease) I’ve edited the footage into three sections:

Part 1: Discussing the Looperlative (Steve’s amazing looping device); my JamMan, and other interesting bits including demonstrations…

Part 2: Steve’s pedals and controllers and other gearhead stuff; plus a taste of Pink Floyd…

Part 3: Different approaches to programming, mysteries of the piano and lots more…

The performance page is now Here