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Welcome to the intro page for my solo electronic music performances,


I reserve this “artist name” for solo electronic music works. More influenced by Autechre of late, ┬ásome of these works are composed, some improvised, and most are usually a combination. Experiments with a musical system as composition, and explorations into sound design and programming.

The One album out now “Soft Invaders” , was released under the old name (NAILgun). Another one is on the way, but from here forward NAILgun will be replaced by Nail Jung.

When the name “NAILgun” was first suggested to me many years ago, it stuck ’cause… you know, it was cool ‘n stuff. I didn’t start using it officially until I realized the “weirdo” name I picked – “Logical Oscillator” – was just too damn long. A few years ago a new name popped into my head, and it also stuck with me. Especially among the proliferation of names like “Gnarles Barkley” and similar plays on names. “Logical Oscillator’s first CD was to be called “Downelectro”, a play on ‘DanElectro”.) Now as we all now know, there’s a LOT of problems with guns. I myself personally think they could ALL be melted to slag, but that’s a discussion for a different time. The upshot of all of this is that I’ve decided to go with Nail Jung, which I quite like.

Have a listen, and have a nice day!