Hello and Welcome to another Conservatory of Dance Semi-Annual

Musician’s Concert 

Tonight’s program:

1)“This Is Happening”  (Neil Alexander)

– Introduction/Welcome

2) a: Introduction – Cary Brown (piano)

     b: “Voice” (Hiromi) 

– Cary Brown (piano); Neil (moog bass); Dave L. (drums)

3) “Estampe” (Debussy) – Collin Rose (piano)

4) a: introduction – Neil Alexander, Synthesizer

b: “Red” (Robert Fripp)

– Neil Alexander (synthesizer); Brian Mooney (bass); Dave L (drums)

5) “From The Center” (Ted Piltzecker) 

 – With: Dave Lewitt (djembe, percussion); Nat Ranson (trombone); William Hotaling (alto & sop. saxophones); Nicole Davis (trumpet); Alexandra Hamburger (baritone saxophone); Malik McClaurine (bass); Angel Lau (marimba, percussion); Ted Piltzecker (composer) (marimba, percussion)

 6) Cissy Strut / Hey Now Baby

– All welcome to play and Dance


About the Performers:

Cary Brown took advantage of the many opportunities to learn jazz at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY while he was earning his classical piano performance degree there, as well as studying arranging and film scoring. He has toured the world with The Skatalites, The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, and The Sloan Wainwright Band. He is currently the Musicians’ Coordinator for the Purchase College Conservatory of Dance and the Musical Director of the Steffi Nossen School of Dance in White Plains. His new jazz piano trio release, The Cary Brown Trio is for sale on CD Baby.com and iTunes, and he is always thrilled to play for such wonderful dancers here at Purchase. 

Ted Piltzecker

Colin Rose is a recent graduate from Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford.  He has been playing piano for nearly his entire life.  He plays the violin as well, and taught himself to play the drums as an adolescent (his parents still haven’t forgiven him.)  He’s also worked as a composer and arranger, most notably writing original music for drama productions at Harvey Cavalier Camp in Katonah every summer starting when he was still a camper himself.  He also teaches privately to students of all ages.  This is his first year at Purchase (and his first year playing dance classes, period), and he is excited to be part of the crew!

Bassist/composer Brian Mooney of (Piktor’s Metamorphosis) in his late teens studied harmony, physiology, and improvisation wih Gerald Carboy (bassist for fusion pioneers Barry Miles and David Sancious & Tone).On both Electric and Double Bass Brian’s experience spans Jazz, Fusion, Soul, Prog, R&B/Funk, Latin, Classical, Pop, & Rock both live and in the studios. Brian is also a current member of the progressive rock group Advent and has peformed with:  Neil NAIL Alexander, Rob Paparozzi, Glenn Alexander (Jan Hammer/Stretch), Gary Oleyar (Fleetwood Mac, Loggins & Messina), Bernard Purdie, Ritchie “LaBamba” Rosenberg & Mark Pender (Conan O’Brien).

Dave Lewitt has been playing classes here longer than anyone can remember. (Just when did you start working here, Dave?) He did graduate from SUNY Purchase in 1983 (?) (Details hazy). His sound has been described as “the drum department at your local music store being pushed down a flight of stairs”. In addition to playing classes, he teaches hand drumming, and has about 10,000 private students. He is also an avid (livid?) cyclist and skier.

Primarily self-taught, Neil Alexander was performing, composing and arranging by age 14. He performs solo in both electronic & acoustic formats, and has released 9 self produced CD’s to date. He works as both a player and programmer, and has composed more than 100 works for small ensembles, receiving grants from Meet The Composer and the NYS Council for the Arts. He has performed 20th Century works by Stravinsky, Cage, and others; taught Master Classes at high school and college level in modern music technologies, produced concerts in both small venues and large outdoor settings, and has composed for independent films and/or been musical director for Modern Dance and Alternative Theater companies. In addition   He and his wife Nita Rae own a private recording company, “Pdog Records” in upstate NY where they occasionally hold house concerts. He is also quite mad. http://www.nailmusic.com. 


The Faculty & Staff here at the Conservatory of Dance, esp. the interim directors Nelly Van Bommel, Larry Clark and Bettijane Sills; and also Victor Catano & Patience Higgins.

Neil A would like to thank Cary Brown & Dave Lewitt.

Thanks For Coming!