Heres the E-Program for the March 18 2010 Musicians Concert. At the moment its not in order; Ill be fixing it over the course of the day.

3 songs:

1) “Driving Down South” 2) “I Can’t Seem To Find A New You”  3) “The Darkest Room”

– Harrison Roach, guitar vox; Cary Brown, Bass; Ian Carrol, drums; Neil Alexander, keys

Drum Solo

– Dave Lewitt, drums


– Rebecca Harmony: Nintendo DS Lite; Neil Alexander: iPhone

“Children’s Album” (Sergei Arzoumanov)

– Oleg Arzoumanov, piano

“17”/Infinity” (Neil Alexander)

– Neil Alexander, Synths loops; Dave Lewitt, drums


David Nichols, piano (prerecorded).

“Improvisation On Cancion VI” (Federico Mompou)

– Stuart Isacoff, Piano

“Time Remembered” (Bill Evans)

– Stuart Isacoff, Piano; Neil Alexander, Synthesizer

2 Songs: 1) “Shot”  2) “Naysayer” (Scott Barkan Trio)

– Scott Barkan- Guitar; Nathan Allen- Bass; Ian Carrol – skins