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This is to let you all know – and we’re very sorry about this, really – that Weird Wednesday is now cancelled till further notice, or until such time as we find a new venue, re-invent the whole idea, or some such thing. Please stay tuned by signing up on Neil Alexander’s Mailing list here:

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Weird Wednesdays is performance series of experimental music, that so far has happened at The Wherehouse Restaurant in Newburgh NY. The first and third Wednesday of the month your host Neil Alexander (that’s me) and a guest have been presenting cutting edge experimental music. We started  November 4th ’09. There are still 2 more shows to post here, so stay tuned.

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Newer Audio will be hosted on Soundcloud and embedded here (older files will taken off Soundcloud but will still be available here); photos are hosted on Flickr and videos on Vimeo. This site will be updated after every show (when time allows). We’re also trying to set up a permanent web streaming situation. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, thanks for tuning in and checking us out. Here’s the latest:

Jan 20th: Rachel Evans (Violin. effects)

This was great fun, and a decidedly different direction. Rachel comes from the classical & neo classical world, including post modern minimulism, and avant garde and is an expert in all. Her approach to improvising is decidedly “non-jazz”, and I found it quite refreshing. 🙂 We have video for this one as well, but have yet to figure out an easy transfer system. I will get to it.

Weird Wednesday: session 6

Weird Wednesday: session 6

Audio Files (Hosted on Soundcloud, as usual):

Weird Wednesday Session 6: W/ Rachel Evans (Violin) excerpt 1 by nailmusic

Weird Wednesday Session 6: W/ Rachel Evans (Violin) excerpt 2 by nailmusic

Jan 6th: Greg Burrows (Drums, Percussion & Toys)

Greg’s a phenominal player/improviser. I first met him when we were both working at SUNY Purchase; he did an amazing with a completely improvisational group. I subsequentially used him on my CD “Alone At Last” (on the track “Dave T’s Lament“). Although we’ve stayed in touch, the opportunity to do something together had not materialized – until now. 🙂


Weird Wednesday: session 5

Audio as promised:

Weird Wednesday: Session 5 (excerpt 1) by nailmusic

And Video! hosted on Vimeo:

December 16th: Bob Meyer (Drums & Cymbals)

My longtime time friend-in-jazz, historian and drum collector Bob Meyer sat in with me on this edition. He’s tremendously sensitive and really listens. A fantastic night of music making.


Weird Wednesday: session 4

Weird Wednesday: session 4

Excerpt #1:

Weird Wednesday: Session 4 (excerpt 1) by nailmusic

Excerpt #2:

Weird Wednesday: Session 4 (excerpt 2) by nailmusic

December 2nd: Joe Pascarell (Buchala 200e Modular Synthesizers)

Joe and I share many common musical interests. We worked together for 10 years (he’s the guitarist and front man in The Machine) and we’ve dreamed about performing like this for years.
Some audio:

Weird Wednesdays: W/ Joe Pascarell, Dec 2 (excerpt 1) by nailmusic

Some MORE audio: 🙂

Weird Wednesdays: W/ Joe Pascarell, Dec 2 (excerpt 2) by nailmusic

Here are the pix (also on Flickr):

Weird Wednesdays: Session 3

A view of the Stage for Dec 2nd's Weird Wednesday

Weird Wednesdays: Session 3

Watching Joe from atop my Pro One.

Weird Wednesdays: Session 3

Joe Pascarell Patches it all together. 🙂

Weird Wednesdays: Session 3

Neil's rig from Dec 2nd's Weird Wednesday

Weird Wednesdays: Session 3

2 Buchala 200e Modular systems. I mean like wow.


November 18th: GJ Tronic (aka Cookie Jarvis) (electronic drums; live loops; effects)

GJ and I have known eachother for quite a while, and while we’ve talked about doing something we’d never actually gotten round to it. It was pretty amazing. If the series continues he will certainly become a regular.

I’d also like to mention my very good friend Rob Smith, who owns both a Moog Voyager and an original Minimoog – and was kind enough to let me use ’em. I am truly grateful!

Weird Wednesdays: Neil Alexander w/ GJ Tronic (excerpt 1) by nailmusic

here’s a couple of pix from Nov 18th:

Neil's rig from Nov 18th's Weird Wednesday

Neil's rig from Nov 18th's Weird Wednesday

GJ Tronic and his rig of doom, from Nov 18th

GJ Tronic and his rig of doom, from Nov 18th

November 4th; Special guest Jesse Martin (guitar, effects)

Jesse & I go way back, to the early 1980’s when we would set up in someone’s house/apartment (his or mine), and play for hours & hours. Many of these sessions were documented on casette; but for some reason or other, we never actually performed in front of anyone. I’m proud to have him as my first guest.

Audio from November 4th:

Weird Wednesday Session 1

Weird Wedensdays: Session 1
Guitarist Jesse Martin

Weird Wedensdays: Session 1