Mr Gone: Free Concert for Jazz Appreciation Month

Safe Harbors of the Hudson  in conjunction with The Musicians Performance Trust Fund  presents a free Jazz Appreciation Month concert with Mr. Gone, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Herbie Hancock’s groundbreaking album “Head Hunters”.

April is ‘Jazz Appreciation Month’ and Safe Harbors of the Hudson in conjunction with the Musicians Performance Trust fund is celebrating with a free midweek performance by Mr. Gone, one of the regions premier electric jazz ensembles.  Mr. Gone is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Herbie Hancock’s jazz funk masterpiece “Head Hunters”, originally released in late 1973. Headhunters was the first jazz album certified platinum and crossed over to fans of funk and soul, influencing generations of jazz, soul and hip hop artists. Comprised of 4 full length compositions that sound deceptively simple on the surface, The performance will include material composed by Wayne Shorter, and focuses on his tenure with Weather Report and other deep cuts from his extensive compositional catalog.