COVID 19 and Other News

Greetings everyone!

I hope you are doing well, staying healthy, washing your hands and keeping your distance from folks out there in the world…

It’s a wacky time. Just about everyone I know is currently not working, as most of the folks I know are in the Performing Arts, Food service, Theater or Dance world. Venues are closed, theaters are dark, schools (like the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance, where I worked for 28 years) are closed. People have taken to working at home, and for a lot of us that means video conferencing – Skype, Zoom, FaceTime – and the live streaming of music and Opera, among other things.  All of my upcoming gigs are cancelled thru March, and possibly thru April as well. Personally I’ll be doing a couple of live-streamed home events over on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, where I’ll be playing some live music and taking questions from  with you; and lessons/consultations via the aforementioned Video Conferencing platforms.

We all must exercise caution here. The primary objective of “social distancing” is to reduce the load on the already overburdened Health Care system, so the people that actually need treatment can get it fairly easily. Don’t forget to check in with your older friends and relatives, as they are the most at risk, although in every crisis there’s opportunity  and this provides us with a chance to reconnect with some old friends.

As things get back to normal I shall update this page again. Don’t forget to check out the CDC Website  to sort fact from fiction…!

Meanwhile stay healthy and hang in there. We’ll get thru this!

– Neil