Please note! The “Stellar Groove Ensemble” is being changed officially to the “Electric Groove Factory“.

The Electric Groove Factory is a mostly improvised hi tech Funk & jam outfit, usually performing as a trio. The lineup changes regularly. Past guests have included:

  • Gary Kelly
  • Todd Isler
  • Robert Kopec
  • Dean Sharp
  • John Menegon
  • Christopher Dean Sullivan
  • Bob Meyer
  • Ian Carrol
  • Jason Furman
  • Peter Furlan
  • Joe Gil
  • Tony Parker
  • Mike Colletti
  • Steve Frieder
  • Ray Levier
  • Sam Smith
  • Terry Silverlight
  • Brin Mooney

and many others!


From Quinn’s in Beacon, April 27th with Terry Silverlight (drums), Gary Kelly (bass) and Peter Furlan (sax).