A Day to Remember

Hey yowie zowie. How are YOU????

I just had the best day ever. Seriously, a really great day of Music & Money making. First, a dance class in the morning. I forget, sometimes those are really FUN. Then, onto Long Island NY and Hofstra University for a NAIL performance for the music students, part of their “Music 20” concert series. 150 – 200 students, mandatory attendance. They HAVE to be there; we get the benefit of a built in Audience. Nice little theater type space; holds about 380 people so the place felt close to full.

And then we played – and did we ever! Man, we rocked the free world. No major gear issues… I even got a little Q & A in there, bit of a lec/dem vibe. There was a beatiful grand piano which we used for “Darn That Dream” – we usually do it electric, but we did a short acoustic version up front adding to the “demonstration” aspect. And then on top of all that I sold something like 8 CD’s at $15 a pop. But – what I friggin’ great show. I was on toop of the world after that…

Then – it was on to Teaneck NJ for my first gig with the Mahavishnu Project. Even though I was travelling from Long Island, through NY City and on to NJ at the height – the middle – of rush hour, I encountered almost no traffic at all, and arrived the the club an hour before I expected to. So far so good. In any case, I felt so good from the afternoon show I had no fear and no worries.

Then we played the show. Another success! Completely killer. Honestly, I live for the NAIL gigs – to me those are the REAL deal – but damn this was good. My old friend Conrad was there, and afterwards we went to a diner – like we hadn’t done in 15 years. I got home at 3 am – but I was still wired, and flying. “Cloud Nine” is what I think they call it. And Iget to do the Maha gig again n Wednesday, at the Iridium in NYC. YES!!!

Seriously though, it was the kind of day I dream about. Playing music I love, with great musicians (at high volumes!), and making money doing it. I mean really. I’m having trouble with the bills this month; things have been tighter than usual. But for me, a day like that? There’s not much more I could hope for – except of course for many many more of them. The memory of that day will help me through. I can’t wait to do it again.

So thanks all you people for the support. I hope to make music for you again soon.

“All is full of Love” – Bjork

Peace out


Needs to be said

I just wanted to mention, before I forget again, how cool Benji & Jake are at Benji & Jake’s. They are without a doubt some of the hippest venue owners I have come across in recent memory. Their place is beautiful, well maintained; the backline musical equip. is good quality stuff in great shape; the food is awesome, the location is beautiful. The whole place has this great “vibe”. You’ve gotta check it out. We even met their folks! terrific people as well.

They’re really building something wonderful out there in the woods, and we’re glad to be a part of it. Thanks, guys!!!


The Return of “Strictly Kill”

Nice, nice, nice. Nice!!! The venue was Benji & Jakes. If you’re in Sullivan county NY, you need to check this place out. We will be back. so don’t forget to sign up on the mailing list….!

The show was a complete success! What that means is:

Biz wise, we played great, were on time and professional, and made a good impression.

Gear wise, everything worked. My rig threatened to crap out right at the very beginning, but once I got it going it never failed. Adds to our professionalism, and helps with my “sanity clause” (i.e. when my gear doesn’t work, I go nuts).

Performance wise, we played from 8:40 till 1 am (!). THIS is what it means to be a real working band. Everybody there dug the band – especially the owners! We really earned our bread last night.

Musically – not everything was perfect, but it was a great opportunity to see which tunes worked in that context, and which didn’t. Some not so great decisions about what to play next on my part, but I really started to get a sense of how to structure the sets. Of course, the best way to find out is to be doing this all the time. As I said, everybody dug the band, so it didn’t feel forced or difficult even when playing tunes we had hardly rehearsed.


I used to play with Mad Mike Cullens. He was a hell of a drummer (still is). Our motto then was: Strictly Kill. Let it be known: Strictly Kill is BACK, BIG TIME.

We love YOU! See you on stage…

– the NAIL

Ready to Rock

Tonight – Benji & Jakes.

No more pulled punches. No more easy funk. Time to throw down – WAY down.

We’re going to pull out some of the more serious tunes, and show what we’re really made of.

Time to get heavy.


I have to say, being in the Mahavishnu Project is really making me want to turn it up, in way I haven’t done in years. It fells like it’s time, to get back to basics, to the reasons I started playing this music in the first place!


It’s gonna be glorious.

NAIL at the Blue Note

NAIL at the Goshen Jazz Festival 2007

NAIL at the Goshen Jazz Festival (2), originally uploaded by nailosity.

Man, last summer was great. We did a whole pile of shows, We actually started to get really tight, in that way that bands do when they play alot. Hasn’t happened to me for decades, since A. Animal days (not counting the Machine, of course).
Here’a shot from the Goshen Jazz Festival. My daughter Rebecca took the photo.

NAIL (acoustic) – one way to be

Morning all –

Having my morning coffee offers me a few minutes to reflect on our show at Jusitns last night. An all acoustic show, David Ruffels, Nadav Snir-Zelniker & I are reaching new levels of telepathy. For me, not having been a leader of a purely acoustic Jazz Trio for very long, it’s quite heartening. It’s what we dream about…..

The night before we played at the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance Musician’s Concert, as an electric band (with guest guitarist Doug Munro). And although I was looking forward to that show perhaps a little bit more, it was a little bit of a disapointment for me – technical difficulties, problems with sound.

Perhaps it’s because my expectations are so high. The technological aspects of the electric band provide more opportunities for things to go wrong. None of that is present in the acoustic trio (of course); it’s just me and my (questionable??) piano technique. But where it’s always been a little daunting, the acoustic trio is really beginning to take on a life of it’s own. We should be back at Justin’s in a few months; and as my confidence grows, I will be less & less afraid to actully book this version of NAIL.

The next step? Combine the acoustic and electric concepts. We’re going to try that at our Hofstra university show in 2 weeks! Stay tuned – should be interesting.

Love you all – thanks!


From the NAILing list: Reprinted by permission

Well, for those of you showing up here (?) without having seen the email, I am reposting it here.

All the links should work….


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Good Morning to all you…people

So, the mass email went out last night. If you’re here, chances are you saw it, as there’s a link to this blog from the email.

IF THIS IS TRUE – Won’t ya kindly let me know? Post a comment to this post. IF you came across this some other way, well gee! I’d love to hear about that as well.

Gotta go d the morning routine. Have a good day, y’all.


NAIL at the Blue Note

BN6.JPG, originally uploaded by nailosity.

One of our Banner Moments: At the Blue Note in NYC, with Steve Rust and Nadav Z. Boy, we had fun.