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Return to the future

Back in 1971, the future of music was a hybrid of Rock, Jazz and Classical. Alot of groups were doing various combinations of things; prog rock combined classical and rock, for example. But for my money, the forefront of this movement was a band called the Mahavishnu Orchestra. The music was called “Fusion”. Run by […]

Post videos? Ok, cool

So – I’m new to the whole wordpress thing. Still. I just changed my “theme”, and I’m liking the new one. I also like this new plugin that let’s me post videos from you tube. like this one: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEqrGBknBmg Pretty cool, eh? FYI, this is our most watched video on You tube. See ya!

A Day to Remember

Hey yowie zowie. How are YOU???? I just had the best day ever. Seriously, a really great day of Music & Money making. First, a dance class in the morning. I forget, sometimes those are really FUN. Then, onto Long Island NY and Hofstra University for a NAIL performance for the music students, part of […]

Needs to be said

I just wanted to mention, before I forget again, how cool Benji & Jake are at Benji & Jake’s. They are without a doubt some of the hippest venue owners I have come across in recent memory. Their place is beautiful, well maintained; the backline musical equip. is good quality stuff in great shape; the […]

The Return of “Strictly Kill”

Nice, nice, nice. Nice!!! The venue was Benji & Jakes. If you’re in Sullivan county NY, you need to check this place out. We will be back. so don’t forget to sign up on the mailing list….! The show was a complete success! What that means is: Biz wise, we played great, were on time […]

Ready to Rock

Tonight – Benji & Jakes. No more pulled punches. No more easy funk. Time to throw down – WAY down. We’re going to pull out some of the more serious tunes, and show what we’re really made of. Time to get heavy.   I have to say, being in the Mahavishnu Project is really making […]

NAIL at the Goshen Jazz Festival 2007

NAIL at the Goshen Jazz Festival (2), originally uploaded by nailosity. Man, last summer was great. We did a whole pile of shows, We actually started to get really tight, in that way that bands do when they play alot. Hasn’t happened to me for decades, since A. Animal days (not counting the Machine, of […]

New Calendar being posted to sites

Hey All – A new version of the perfromance calendar is being assembled now, and should be psoted on both the Nailmusic Site and the Pdog Records site. This calendar will contain ALL my dates – everything and anything, with anyone (even solo). You can link to it HERE. Comments, anyone?

Widget try after WordPress upgrade

Just updated to vers. 2.3.3 of WordPress. Well, the editor looks different. So – I am going to try – once again – to post a Reverb Nation Widget. I hope it works. Here goes: Well, this is supposed to be the “Fan Collector”. It works! But only in the post, not in the editor. […]

NAIL (acoustic) – one way to be

Morning all – Having my morning coffee offers me a few minutes to reflect on our show at Jusitns last night. An all acoustic show, David Ruffels, Nadav Snir-Zelniker & I are reaching new levels of telepathy. For me, not having been a leader of a purely acoustic Jazz Trio for very long, it’s quite […]