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Bring it on

OK, I think I’ve just about posted that Moogfest video everywhere I could…. I will be posting the second half (with Herb Deutsch) next week (when I get a minute!). Made some site changes; news posted on the NAILMUSIC site. Notice the date calendar in the sidebar here. I’m trying to get more summer dates […]

A moment to reflect

Hey….. Gosh, been busy. Here at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of dance, occasionally “nothing” happens, and I get a 90 minute “break in the action”. A chance to write! Anyway, killin weekend; solo show at 2 Alices was a hit from my perspective (meaning technologically). In reality, only about 6 people showed up. But the system […]

Good CD press, April 2008

 This just in, from ROLL MAGAZINE in the Hudson Valley. It’s not on their website yet, and I don’t have th author credit, but here it is: Neil Alexander & NAIL Tugging At The Infinite CD Review From Roll Magazine, April 2008 Proudly proclaiming that there is “No electric guitar on this record”, Neil Alexander […]

Neil Alexander & NAIL with guest Lillie Howard

Neil Alexander & NAIL with guest Lillie Howard This Showed up in the paper on Monday, with this article: Times Herald Record Article Needless to say, I was pretty pleased. Thanks to Barbara Bedrell, and Times Herald Record and special thanks and Kudos to Aquanetta Wright, the self proclaimed “Ferry Godmother” of Newburgh, and the […]

Living a Dream

So – for those of you who have wondered what kinds of things I’ve been up to since leaving “the Machine”, I offer the following as a shining example. I’m living a dream: making original cutting edge music 24/7. I’ll focus on the last 10 days as a perfect example. Wed. April 2nd: The second […]

Funny or not?

From Pete Levin’s website: Did you hear the one about the jazz musician who won 1/2 a million dollars in the lottery? An interviewer asked him what his plans were. He said he’d just keep on gigging until the money was gone.