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The Grand Diversity

Another Startling year in music comes to a close (nearly). A quick overview of 2008… What an amazing year it’s been, fer sure. Started with some of my compositions selected for a dance being performed in Singapore, choreographed by one of our Conservatory faculty, Stephanie Tooman. She chose 3 pieces from my back catalog; I […]

Goodbye to a dear friend

This is about someone I knew. Someone I cared about, someone who sometimes drove me crazy, made me mad, made me feel compassion, made me laugh, who loved me no matter what, who just wanted to always be with me; someone who helped make me whole. This is about our dog. Her name was Missy. […]

Wonder Wheel

Whirlwind! Working day and night; tons of gigs, etc. Fried. Can’t stop. Meanwhile….. Posted an old video…. “Wonder Wheel” from 2005. Seeing as how our old friend and drummer Mike “Leroy” Bram has sorta hit the big time with Jason Mraz, I thought I’d post this clip of him playing…with us. Here it is: httpv://youtube.com/watch?v=N5C89mUxw38 […]

My Musical Life. Reinvented.

So. Here we are, June 2008 – almost July… that sweet sweet summer air. Wearing shorts – every day. And working – always working. And even a bit – though just a little here and there – of relaxing. It’s been 2 years and 3 months since I made the conscious choice to rework, to […]

Spring is here…

“Spring is here….” so the song goes. “Why is my heart not filled with gladness?” Well, in fact it is. I know it’s in there somewhere. Trying to stay on the positive sometimes seems more difficult than it feels like it should be. Truth is, with gas prices, a lack of work in the early […]